For many small business owners, social media marketing is something put on the back burner. After all, there are far too many factors that need to be prioritized when growing a business.

But putting your business on social media can actually be instrumental to the growth of your SMB. It does not only drive traffic to your website — it also helps you build an excellent reputation for your brand.

Two in three adults use social media. About 71% of businesses are present on Facebook, 59% are on Twitter, and some 43% has set up a company blog to market their brand. What’s more, Facebook sees more than 300 million unique visitors in a day. With these numbers, it’s easy to see how a solid social media marketing campaign can help your brand become visible and stay relevant.

Let Foundation Web Solutions help you set up a powerful social media marketing campaign.

As your full-service social media partner, you can count on us to tailor your campaign according to your goals, your target market, and the platforms you’ll be on, all to help you achieve better ROI.


The days when your prospects turned to the Yellow Pages to look up the kind of product or service they need are over. Today’s social media-savvy generation uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find what they need.

This is the reason it’s vital for small-to-medium businesses to have a solid social media marketing campaign. Today, Facebook posts and tweets function like virtual flyers — they’re the digital equivalent of newspaper ads. They work to build brand awareness and are effective in helping your SMB form recall among your prospects.

What’s more, search engines are becoming smarter. They know which websites earn traffic and which ones simply float like dead fish. With a social media campaign that supports your SEO strategy in driving website traffic, you can earn the trust of search engines, so you can climb up the rankings faster.


Now’s the time to go social, with help from Foundation Web Solutions.

We use a strategic combination of branded content and paid advertising and we take advantage of social media’s granularity to come up with highly targeted and tailored messaging. Through personalized messaging, you present your brand to prospects as a friend, an ally who can help solve their problems.

Foundation Web Solutions’ expert social media managers also help you identify your social media goals, including selecting the right platform. Advertising on social media requires a different approach for every platform, so we thoroughly analyze your audience, so you can deliver customized brand messaging on every channel.

We create a dynamic and robust social media plan that specifically targets the right demographic, therefore attracting the right leads. We regularly publish interesting content to drive buzz around your brand and get people talking, so you can expand your network.