Your prospects go online to learn more about you — they use the internet to get to know your brand, what you offer, and the way you do business. They use the internet to gauge your integrity and determine whether yours is a good brand to do business with.

Foundation Web Solutions offers online reputation management services that help you make — and maintain — a positive impression on your prospects.

When you think of reputation management, it’s easy to think of it as covering up the misdeeds of a villain. But that’s far from the truth.

Even the most honest businesses have bad days. There will be days when there are more customers than your store can accommodate or instances when you must let go of an employee due to bad behavior. And when that happens, unhappy customers and disengaged former employees can leave negative online reviews that may affect your reputation.

Reputation management is simply a strategy that helps you build brand loyalty and a stronger and more resilient relationship with both prospective customers and loyal patrons.

Our online reputation management strategy involves identifying and monitoring what consumers say about your brand, and taking steps to mitigate and subvert any detrimental comments. Learn more about our process!


Foundation Web Solutions is proud to have a proven track record of cleaning and removing harmful listings and reviews on search engines. We owe it to our unique reputation management process:

  • Websites, listings, and forums solicit feedback from consumers -- and these are the same places your prospects visit for insight. As 85% of internet users say they trust online reviews and look into these before making purchase decisions, our strategy focuses on giving your brand a positive image on these platforms.
  • We go beyond pushing negative reviews, comments, and mentions down the search engine results pages (SERPs). We proactively provide positive responses to these comments, to help consumers reconsider their view of your brand.
  • We delve deep into search results -- we listen to the buzz around your brand on social media. Whether you need us to address a longstanding reputation management problem or to create a positive impression in the first place, we stop at nothing to deliver results for your business.
  • Most importantly, our strategies help establish your brand as a thought leader. We can help present your brand as a trusted resource for industry-related problems.